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How Long Will the Inspection Take?

Knowing the length of time for an inspection is very important because you most likely have to arrange a time with the realtor and the current owner of the property for the inspector to examine the property. The Inspection usually involves looking at exterior, interior, the wiring, the roofing, the pipes and other areas that may be hard to reach, it may require hours to complete. The home inspector you choose will provide you with an estimate of how long the inspection is expected to last.

Who is required and Allowed to Attend the Inspection?

As a home buyer and future home owner, the inspector should allow you to attend the inspection. As the new homeowner you will be able to see first hand what potential problems, if any, exist now. Knowing what looks normal and what a problem looks like will help you later in maintaining your home.

What Happens if Problems Are Found During the Inspection Process?

There may be potential problems that can come up during inspections. The seller of the home is not automatically required to repair any problems that the inspector finds. As the home buyer, you may negotiate for the repairs to be made by the seller before you buy the home. If the seller is not willing to do the repairs for yo and you do not want to make them, you may wish to speak to your attorney on your rights and/or negotiating the contract.